Strategies outlined to control OJD

Sheep producers Glen Wilkinson (left), Badgingarra, and George Large (right), Dandaragan, discuss vaccination options with Zoetis northern area manager Gavin Craig, who was a guest speaker at the Challara stud's on-property open day at Badgingarra

VACCINATION combined with sound management and biosecurity measures is the best control option to combat the common condition of Erysipelas Arthritis and the now endemic Ovine Johne’s Disease (OJD) in sheep.

This was the foundation of Zoetis northern area manager Gavin Craig’s presentation at the Challara on-property open day.

The Erysipelas bacteria survives in the environment and the nasal passage of sheep and infection enters through the navel and open wounds of sheep commonly caused at birth, marking and shearing.

The infection spreads throughout the body and can localise in the joints which causes arthritis.

Mr Craig said Erysipelas was commonly seen on most farming properties with some worse than others.

Ewes graze most of the year close to the ground and the bacteria enters the nasal passage and can harbour itself behind the tonsils…The ewe licks a newborn lamb and can transfer the bacteria to the lamb through the freshly broken umbilical cord.


Read the full article by KANE CHATFIELD published in Farm WeeklyChallara OJD Strategies_Farm Weekly_18-4-2013