Managing your way to better sheep profit

Farm Weekly Thursday, April 16, 2015 By TAMARA HOOPER

THERE will always be areas of, any farming operation that, cannot be measured, economically, but managing, your breeding program to optimise your profit is something every sheep breeder can achieve with the right information available to them.

Aiming to bring this information to fellow WA Merino stud and  commercial breeders, Challara Poll Merino stud principals Peter and Emma Wilkinson again hosted their onfarm workshop and open day in Badgingarra last week.

“We really want to generate more confidence in the industry and the excellent research that is being done to help us improve our sheep genetics,”

Mr Wilkinson said.

“Having a balanced and sustainable system is key to your operation and to the future of the industry.

It truly is financially lower risk and a smart choice to incorporate sheep, the risk is reduced further and your bottom line is boosted if you manage the breeding properly.”

Read the full article “Managing your way to better sheep profit – Farm Weekly 16 April 2015 PDF

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