Comment from Peter Wilkinson ~ Challara

“Even though the number of people attending the Challara Open Day was quite disappointing & discouraging, the quality of the guest speakers & the information delivered to the attendees was very good.

Dr Jim Watts delivered key messages on how the skin biology of the Merino sheep correlates to breeding the right type of wool among other things. John Kaarlson (a recently retired DAFWA vet & sheep researcher) told us the process of & importance of breeding worm resistant sheep i.e dag scoring & culling for daggy sheep.

Dr Andrew Thompson (a sheep research scientist for DAFWA & lecturer at Murdoch University) told us the importance of fat when selecting for rams, how best to interpret Merino Select data & among other things.

Greg Tilbrook (wool manager at Primaries) explained how our twice a year shearing is progressing through a sensitivity analysis. We have only just been able to justify shearing twice a year, but with the progress of our genetic improvement it will be a more profitable thing to manage. An eight month shearing would be more suitable if it can fit in with the farmers management operations.

I would be reluctant to have organise an Open Day again unless it was in partnership with the West Midlands Group.

Saying that, I appreciate that everyone is busy & has commitments.

Challara is doing its best to improve its own sheep breeding as well as their clients. The next generation of sheep are proof of that.”