Thursday 6th September
Inspection from 10am. Starts 1pm
Ron & Deanna Wilkinson
PH: 08 9652 9062
F: 08 9652 9189
Sheep Classer: Bill Walker 0428 973 804

Download the  Challara Sale Catalogue 2018

Please note some important amendments to this year’s catalogue values

“I am sorry to have to do this, but it is really important that you are clear of the true value of the information that I present to you regarding the Challara Sale rams at our on-property ram sale at 1pm.” — Peter Wilkinson

The first adjustment is that I have added in the Pedigree Information table that the orange leader tags sire is from Wallaloo Park 150245 as mentioned in the above attachment.

Unfortunately, the Merino Select ASBV for fleece weight are not accurately showing their true value for the syndicate sired animals. The actual raw data of fleece weight is actually higher than what the Merino Select figures for fleece weight are telling us.

The 100% figure which will be on penning cards on sale day is the average benchmark from the rams that were fleece weighed. The rams below 100% are below average for fleece weight and the rams above 100% are above average for fleece weight.

This will also lift the figures of the DP+ indicator of the syndicate animals from having a higher fleece weight than Merino Select is telling us.

Please download the adjusted figures in the links below:

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